How to Improve Your Inbound Marketing to Increase Sales Leads

Inbound marketing is an essential component of modern marketing practices. As you’re probably aware, when it comes to lead generation, quality is generally more important than quantity. By focusing your efforts on improving your inbound marketing techniques, you can increase the quality of traffic you receive. The way to obtain the best sales leads is…

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How to Perform Market Research to Improve Conversion Rates

Without market research, how do you know if you’re effectively reaching your target audience? Market research gives you a clear indication of what your customers are looking for. It helps you address the needs of your market base. With proper market research, you can tweak your marketing campaign to more effectively entice potential customers. If…

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The Excuses Most Ordinary People Use about Why They Can’t Start a Business

Guest Blogger: Rizwan Aseem Here are 7 excuses that most ordinary people use. Each excuse is a myth that has been perpetuated by our culture and society. These excuses keep you tied down without getting all the things that you want in life, and without being successful in business or even starting one. Excuse #1.…

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How to Create Winning Headlines

If you want to get people reading your articles and emails, the first thing you need to do is come up with a good attention-grabbing headline.  It should pop right out at them, make them think, and get them to click through to read the rest. There is a bit of an art to this…

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Making the Jump from Traffic to Sales

One of the biggest blinders that hold people back in online marketing is they focus on traffic numbers alone. Now obviously, websites need visitors.  The more visitors a website gets (or so we’re told) the more profitable it will be.  What many marketers soon find out, however, is that traffic numbers are not always related…

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How to Avoid Guest Blogging on the Wrong Blog

Before you approach a blogger with an invitation to submit a guest blog, it’s important to do some research into whether or not theirs is a blog on which you want to be published. If you offer a guest blog and later find out they don’t have a big enough audience or have written offensive…

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Protected: Driving for UberEats

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Anatomy of a Good Advertisement

Advertising is a major part of marketing.  As far as some people are concerned, it’s the only thing marketing really does.  While we know this isn’t exactly true, learning how to create a good advertisement will help you get the most out of your investments. Most of the advertising you’ll do will be paid graphical…

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Domain Metrics to Improve Marketing

The use of domain metrics provide a look into how you or your competitors behave. Details such as server metrics, page speeds, specific rankings, and more will give you much needed insight into what areas need improving. An important part of SEO, branding, and social media is metrics tracking. Do not take these metrics lightly,…

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Google vs. Yahoo For Marketing

You used to rely on word of mouth to get customers. Referrals were the name of the game for getting more business, and sometimes an ad in the local paper didn’t hurt. Things are different today because we operate in the digital age with a worldwide market. It’s not easy to reach your community, let…

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