Personal Branding: What It Is & How to Create It

Today’s consumers are unique individuals. Instead of being impressed by fancy technology and automation, they want to do business with another person, not a machine. As an entrepreneur with a small business, you would do well building a unique brand around yourself. That’s what we’re talking about when we use the term personal branding.

What Is a Personal Brand?

Over the years, people have come to trust corporations less than how they would do with other people. Think about it—how often do you see advertising and feel that all the promises are just about the sales, without the intention to back it up?

Personal branding is about finding your voice, your unique signature image, and standard that can become recognizable among your audience. It allows you to establish an identity and build a reputation for your business while, at the same time, maintaining that all-important personal interaction and a one-on-one level of trust.

By placing a strong personal brand at the forefront of your sales process, you can significantly improve your conversion rates, irrespective of your type of business.

Gain the Competitive Edge with Powerful Personal Branding

These methods can be used to create a strong personal brand, whether you sell products, offer consulting or freelancing services or whether you simply want to drive more warm leads to your company.

1. Distinguish Yourself

What sets you apart from the competition? Being different is crucial to your success in personal branding. In the past, we were told to model successful people, but today it’s all about being different and memorable.

2. Build on Your Strengths

What are your best characteristics? Another important aspect of developing a personal brand is to ensure that you leave your mark, especially in the areas of your expertise, your actions, and the way in which you connect with your clients.

A note of caution, however, is to remember that a strong brand will have a definite audience. You may repel some clients who are not in your target audience, but by remaining strong and true to your unique brand, you will attract the right customers.

3. Define Your Specialty

Internet marketing is so effective, because it hones in on exact algorithms to bring the information a person is searching for. In order to succeed in building a personal brand, you need to be specific, too. You can’t specialize at everything. Think about what you do best, and start there. Your specialty is made up of your work and life experience, your unique personality traits, and what you’re good at.

4. Mind the Company You Keep

In order to be perceived as a strong brand, you need to associate with other strong brands as well. The company you keep can either strengthen or weaken your image. Find strong brands to associate with among your circle of influence both online and offline, past and present. Look for opportunities to contribute to alumni newsletters, company blogs or ways in which your brand can contribute to offline initiatives.

5. Think before You Tweet Anything

Remember that whatever you post, share or comment on tells readers something about your brand. Take the time to write down how you would like your brand to be perceived and use that as a guideline to creating a social strategy that is in line with your brand’s image.

6. … But Be Yourself

If you’ve spent your life trying to be someone you’re not, now is the time to reinvent yourself. Personal branding allows you to be authentic and creative. By presenting a strong personal brand and delivering on the promise, you can basically influence people how they need to perceive you. You get to choose who you are, and what unique values you are willing to offer, and as long as you deliver, they will continue to believe it.

7. Invest In a Personal Website

A personal website is the easiest way to rank your name on Google. Invest in a simple 2-3 page website with a small introduction, your resume, and links to your social media profiles, as well as your business site. If your name is pretty common, consider adding your middle name or initial to differentiate.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways a company can be known and have a lasting impression to its customers—but it does require a lot of effort to make a name for yourself. Personal branding is crucial, but it’s not an overnight success. You have to stay interesting and communicative to your customers and clients because this is the only way your business can be recognized. Aside from this, transparency and consistency are also key factors to gaining your customers’ trust. If done perfectly, you’re sure to be sought after in your industry endeavors.

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