Overcoming The Hidden Obstacles

Guest Blogger: Bert Bledsoe

First let’s take a look at and talk about obstacles and challenges.
The very first thing that we notice is that we are provided an opportunity whenever we are posed with a challenge or an obstacle.

As individual business owners and entrepreneurs, we also have the opportunity to build character while discovering new and creative solutions. Finally when posed with some type of interference with our goals we are able to overcome and additionally provide solutions to others that are experiencing similar situations.

Four Positives Obstacles and Challenges PROVIDE
a) Opportunities for growth and Development
b) Character building
c) Discover NEW solutions
d) Become a resource for others

Identifying Common Challenges

Time, Money, & Ideas seem to top the list of the most common challenges that people experience when it comes to building a business. When we break these three obstacles down we will see how we can apply simple solutions to create Breakthroughs in business. Time is one of the easiest when it comes to providing solutions because what is required is simply an increase in Focus and Organization. When you can focus and organize your activities you can ensure that your actions will yield results. The financial answer always seems to be as easy as applying a budget. Then we have to talk about the “ideas” that everyone is pondering. The same What Should I Do? is asked over and over. The answer is select something and stick to it. Do something consistently, say for 90 days.

So we can really sum up the common obstacles with a few keys:

– Master time by organizing and focusing upon a specific activity to complete required tasks.
– Create a fiscal plan to map our financial success.
– Take 40 hours to become proficient in a skill set and apply it with some consistency for the next few months and assess the results.

These are 3 Challenges that we can SEE and the Solutions are usually right at our fingertips. What about some of the obstacles that we don’t always see? How about Fear, Doubt, and Tomorrow, do they ever get in your way?

Here are a few ideas that may alleviate some of your distress and allow you to create prosperity. Fear is a simple inability to see the truth. When we come from a place of fear we are not able to clearly and accurately determine what to do because our perspective is skewed. How do we solve this? The easiest and most effective solution is to take ACTION NOW.

Maybe you’re the Doubting Thomas… If you are then you cannot see the possibilities that are right at your door. The unseen doubt creeps in and is a subtle yet powerful foe. How do YOU combat the doubt? Again our friend ACTION allows for an instant rebuttal to any doubt.

Tomorrow is the worst of all the hidden challenges or obstacles because it is an idea that so many believe in. Tomorrow is an idea, not a reality. This is a challenge because so many of us put things off until tomorrow. If tomorrow is only an idea then it never actually happens or occurs therefore tomorrow NEVER comes! We can take ACTION NOW and fix the tomorrow problem forever!

Obstacles and Challenges are a simple reality that everyone experiences. YOU can endure or YOU can begin to thrive and prosper despite the adversities. Identifying your challenges and implementing simple solutions immediately can change the entire dynamic of your business. Now find your hidden challenges and GO FIND SOLUTIONS!

– Bert Bledsoe

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