What Are Key Strategies to Acquire First 100K Users with Zero Marketing Budget?

1. Make a great product but you all know that so I’ll just dive into the tactics.

2. Create your target marketing sheet. See this: Quant Based Marketing for Start Ups

3. Partner with similar companies and create benefit for them to email their free users.

4. Reach out to offline Meetup groups who generally have 200-1,000 person mailing lists.

5. Befriend owners of Facebook pages and see if you can do contests for an in-kind trade.

6. Go to the Reddit / Subreddit related to your business and leave comments.

7. Search 5-10 keywords related to you on Google and leave comments on those related pages.

8. Give away free content or ask partners.

9. Go write guest posts for any site that’s related. Use Technorati or ask your existing customers which sites they like to go to.

10. Email the existing users you have asking for them to refer other people. This sounds obvious but hardly ANYONE does it. It helps if your product doesn’t suck a$$.

11. Leave video responses on popular-related YouTube Videos.

12. Manually reach out and connect with your first 1000 customers. More likely they are MORE important than then 99,000 next people you’ll get.

13. Raise your prices so you don’t need to get so many people.

14. Manually reach out to Twitter / Facebook followers of your competitors.

15. Look at new channels that have less competition (rules) like Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram to drive traffic.

16. Consider going international where traffic is cheaper (okay, you’re not paying but you know what I’m saying.)

17. Evaluate doing mobile related marketing since it’s more affordable (less competition.)

18. Get your site featured on AppSumo.com, DailyWorth.com, Thrillist, DailyCandy, Groupon or some site that promotes others.

Noah Kagan

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