If You Consider Yourself a ‘Newbie’ This Is for You

There’s approximately 200,000 people on a company’s mailing list who regularly receive varied emails every week.

We label them into 3 categories:

1.)  6 figure + earners-people who are making steady sales online and are building their business full time.

2.)  Those who are working their way to be part of category one, and who are making sales here and there with rising frequency. All they need is to spend more time redoing the actions that brought them those sales, and instituting systems to do more of those actions in their behalf.

3.)  Newbies and / or those who’ve been striving to make internet marketing work for years, but still get meager results.

If you’re in the first 2 categories, you may get off now and quit reading this because this message is not intended for you.

If you’re in category 3, please stay as it’s you who we’d like to speak to today.

The main reason why you’re not earning positive results is because you haven’t got the knack of the basic concepts of this industry. Or you’re just not putting them into practice.

Don’t feel bad, it’s never easy learning something new for the first time – especially when there are a number of people all informing you they have the ‘secrets’ in your email inbox all the time.

It’s possible that no one has ever discussed with you and went into details on how all these pieces fit together.

Most of the people sending you emails about marketing are obviously marketers. Their job is clearly NOT to teach you what works.

It’s to sell you their products.

We’re no different, just maybe a little more clear-cut.

But in most cases, a majority of them won’t let you know the truth. Let me say that again – they’re going to reveal the truth, but it will be the secondary concern behind telling you what needs to be done to get the sale.

For example, if they intend to sell their product which happens to be related to developing web pages, they’re going to tell you that you definitely have to create these pages on your own, and that knowing how it is done is fundamental to your success.

What they’re not going to tell you is that you can outsource it for even half the price of their training course primarily because that does not go along with their objective (to get you to buy.)

Therefore, everything you’ve learned about marketing is about complicating things than they actually are – leaving you confused, overwhelmed, puzzled about which information to believe in, and weakened with inaction.

We intend to change that. Believe that being clever in the market can help you become pretty good at making difficult concepts simple.

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