How to Make Your Company a YouTube Sensation—Know Your Audience

Whether you’re uploading a video about your latest product or you’re the next “waiting-to-be-discovered” artiste covering a new popular song, the success of your YouTube campaign is determined by your audience. How many views are you getting? Is your audience taking action after viewing your uploads?

The audience is ultimately the most important factor when you’re active on social media. To gain a response from the viewers, either a “like,” subscription or share, is why you keep on posting a new picture or video. And when you do get a lot of responses, you can consider that specific upload a relative success.

A successful YouTube marketing campaign is defined by how consistent your audience’s reactions are, and knowing your audience can help you to shape your entire YouTube strategy around them.

Answer the following three questions to know your audience and subsequently grow your brand via YouTube:

1. What type of audience are you targeting?

Remember, unlike a major Hollywood studio, you’re not trying to break box office records so don’t push yourself to reach a global audience in the millions. Though, that could be a real great feat.

That’s not to say that you can’t aim high and hope to achieve a million views, but what’s important to your company sales is if those potential “millions” are your target audience and if they’re willing to buy your product or service. A “view” can only be considered effective when your audience follows up and wants to learn more by visiting your website, calling your sales office, etc. Casual viewers are not likely to follow through as much as those you are already interested with what you’re advertising, so “speak” to them!

The following two examples demonstrate the differences and importance of communicating with the right audience:

  • Cooking Channel: You’ll most likely be giving cooking lessons and uploading videos about food and drinks, aiming to reach out to a food-enthused audience who wants to follow your lessons for them to improve their own cooking skills. Therefore, your content should be produced with a teacher-student angle, with the “students” being your audience. The appropriate tone to use in this case would be instructive.
  • Business Channel: Your audience will most likely be business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. Therefore, your videos should share about your experiences as an entrepreneur yourself, and provide motivational messages on how to start or grow a company. Since your target audience will invariably look for business advice, you’ll have to shape your content in a way that is informative and actionable.

You can narrow your target audience even further so that your content can be even more specific and, ultimately, more effective. For example, you can create content that is targeted for beginners, experts or only for people from a specific geographical location.

2. What is your audience hoping to ‘take-away’?

It’s a given that your audience will want to watch your videos in hopes to take away ideas that will benefit them. However, you need to know what they’re looking for specifically so that you can create an effective strategy to grab more prospects and lead them to your other content and finally to your product or service. If you don’t know their goals, you’ll most likely be speaking to the “wrong” audience, which won’t make you any sales.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a channel that gives advice for small business owners, you may have products (books, DVD’s or software) that you want to sell. Essentially, viewers will come to your channel looking to “take away” some advice and gain business information. You can then pitch relevant products via your videos after you’ve grasped on their attention, which increases your chances to get a sale.

3. What are your audience’s likes and dislikes?

Companies invest a lot of money in their marketing campaigns so they can gain insight into their customers’ shopping habits, likes and preferences. It helps them to create a more streamlined, targeted selling process and gain more profits.

You could upload a video that asks viewers to leave comments and/or feedback about your thoughts. Assess the feedback and see what they would like to know more about the next time you upload another video. You can then tailor your subject or topic to what they like, getting them more interested for your next installment.

The more feedback you accumulate, the more opportunity you have to showcase and sell your products.

Employ a Targeted Video Marketing Strategy

Let’s say 40% of your audience enjoys traveling, 30% enjoys sports and the remaining 30% falls into the various other categories, you can then create sub-channels to cater to their individual tastes. This will help you make a personalized approach in luring in customers based on what interests them.

For example, you can create a video such as The best holiday break for busy entrepreneurswhere you talk about good holiday spots for busy business owners. Then, using that platform, you can promote your products and services. Keep in mind that you must stay relevant and not stray too far from your industry and niche.

An advantage of creating targeted videos upon knowing who your audience is on an almost-personal level is that they’ll feel you’re speaking to them directly. This will build loyalty and trust, which can turn them into loyal, paying customers.

Before starting your YouTube campaign, always remember the most effective video marketing: know your audience, so you can create for your audience and get more sales.

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