How to get the personal care services you want for less money

Chapter 38: Grooming. Massages. Personal training. How to get the personal care services you want for less money

It’s one of the greatest frustrations that comes with retirement. At a time in your life when you need personal care services the most — and you actually have the time to enjoy them — you end up on a fixed, limited income, which makes it difficult to pay for them.

However, it’s not impossible for you to get the grooming, spa and massage, personal training and gym, shopping and other personal services you need to stay attractive, healthy and fit at a price you can afford.

Here’s how:


As you get older, you likely need to go to a barber or beauty shop more often to get your hair cut, colored and styled. However, salon and barber services don’t come cheap. According to the popular consumer site Angie’s List, the average woman’s haircut costs more than $40 and for a man it’s almost $30. According to MarketWatch, a finance website, the typical cost to get hair professionally colored is between $60 and $80.

So, what can a retiree do?

First, take advantage of salon discounts reserved for retirees. Most offer ten to twenty percent off services for people over the age of 65. Others lower prices even more on certain days of the week or during hours when salons aren’t busy serving the needs of working people and schoolchildren.

Next, check out online services like Groupon or Gilt Cities that offer very significant salon discounts (sometimes 50 percent or more) during limited periods of time. They’re designed to get people to try-out new places. While limited-time discounts won’t serve your hair care needs over the long-term, they can be good for special occasions.

Finally, find out if there’s a technical or hair styling school in your area that offers hair services done by trainees for free or at significantly reduced rates. Understandably, many people are concerned about getting their hair cut or colored by a student, but the reality is that students are required to have significant classroom experience before they’re allowed to work on anyone. In addition, they’re supervised by licensed instructors. That means you may actually receive service from a pair of stylists who know all the latest techniques!

Another plus: A younger student may offer a fresh perspective on how to style your hair.

Tip: Need a make-over or custom make-up for a special event? Time it for when you have to purchase cosmetics. Get a free professional make-up job done at your local department or make-up store in return for purchasing a product you were planning buy anyway. Also, don’t forget that it can be cheaper to get personal care products at professional beauty supply stores than drug or department stores.

Spa and massage

Similar to beauty shops and barbers, most spas and massage service providers offer discounts to retirees. In addition, they frequently offer online coupons through Groupon and other services.

Another option is to take advantage of bulk or membership discounts. Purchasing a coupon book or membership could get you massage and spa services at reduced prices. Just make sure you take full advantage of the services you pay for and don’t leave money on the table.

Personal training and gym membership

Again, most personal trainers and gyms offer reduced rates for retirees. The good news is that most retired people can schedule personal training sessions — or go to the gym — during the day and at off-hours when trainers and gyms aren’t busy and charge less for services and membership. Plus, you won’t be competing with crowds to work with the best trainers or use the most popular equipment.

If discounted personal training and gym services are still too expensive for you, check out free opportunities in your neighborhood. Many community centers provide no- or low-cost classes for retirees. Plus, parks often offer free yoga and other fitness sessions during the summer season. These can be a great way to try out a new type of exercise without making a big financial commitment.

Personal shopping

Many people depend on personal shoppers to help them select clothes. If you’re paying for this service — perhaps a percentage on top of the clothes you buy or a fixed hourly fee — you don’t need to. Many stores are willing offer personal shopping for free with a minimum purchase.

Another option? Find a sales person who has a style you admire. He or she will be happy to help you out. Or go shopping with a stylish friend. Getting an honest perspective from a pal could give your wardrobe the refresh it needs for free — or maybe the cost of lunch or coffee.

Need more help paying personal care costs?

Saving money on personal care isn’t the only way to get access to these services in retirement. Earning money is another option. Why not work part time to pay for haircuts, massages, gym memberships, personal training and other things?

Working in retirement doesn’t need to be tedious or time consuming. Many people work online or start an online business. It can be an easy and effective way to work when and how often you want to pay for the personal care — and other services — you need in retirement.

What are you waiting for? Learn more today!


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How To Get The Personal Care Services You Want For Less Money

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