Engaging Generation C

Generation C refers to the people who are into creation, curation, connection, and community; a consumer culture. It is the generation of consumers who are already connected with technology from birth and do not know what life was before the internet. They are the content makers and the trendsetters—those of whom you should be marketing to right now.

Social Media

Millennials (Gen-Y) are part of Gen-C and are considered the most connected on social media. They comment on everything in their lives and are extremely opinionated about the products they use. Social media marketing to Gen-C is necessary because these people really pay attention—especially the women. They seem to be the most active on sites like Facebook, while men are more socially active on Twitter and Instagram.

Every platform gives Gen-C the opportunity to communicate, contribute, and connect. It’s the perfect pool of people to market your company and grow the business. It is estimated that Gen-C creates more content than anyone else with 53 million American adults posting on various sites in 2015 alone, according to Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Gen-Cs are savvy social media users and should be engaged as such. This generation seems to look to social media for information on everything from toilet paper to what kind of car to buy, and they rely heavily on the opinions of others. As a smart entrepreneur, you should know how to tap into this market with intelligent and informative content.

To reach the Gen-C market, you have to be creative, because collectively, they value relevance and originality. Posting photos, memes, viral videos, you name it—it is a generation of resourceful consumers with strong opinions that get heard across a broad range of social media platforms.


Technology gives Gen-C more power than ever. They breath the internet across all of their devices. Furthermore, they crave for personalized services, gratifying experiences, instant information, and individual attention to their needs.

The future is engagement, and it means big things to brands—especially up-and-coming brands. Companies have to reshape the usual way of doing business by making customer experience with their brand more personal and human, instead of automated.

Your business needs to be accessible and able to listen to customer feedback as well as respond in a way that satisfies customers. When people feel like they’re being heard, they are likely to support and influence your brand. They are more likely to make a purchase and keep coming back for more.

Because Gen-C has so much passion for connection and expression, you have to meet them halfway and play their game by adding value to your services or products. You have to understand their digital journey and learn how to complete the loop. The people who are the best to target are the influencers—these people are the likely early adopters. They love trying out new stuff and are considered the go-to person for advice on which brands or models to choose. Once influencers have tried your product or service, they are quick to disseminate the information online about how good or bad their experience was. And if everything went well for them, you’ll be able to reach and attract more people with their positive reviews and referrals.

Video Crazy

Gen-C can’t get enough of watching videos online, especially the younger end of the Gen-C spectrum. It’s also found by GfK-MRI in Spring 2012 that those who belong in this group spend more time watching online videos than television. Creating interesting video content for your brand is another way to engage Gen-C into buying into your brand. This is the reason why more companies are making video campaigns on YouTube, and it’s working.

You will significantly increase the value of your brand with video content. The statistics speak for themselves: people will spend 88 percent more time on your website if it has video and you will get three times more monthly visitors to your site as well. According to Neilson, organic traffic is increased by 157 percent when placing videos on your website and people are 87 percent more likely to make a purchase after viewing your video. One poll even indicated that 57 percent of people were more confident in a service or product after watching a video about it.

Apparently, videos can play a huge role in helping to grow your customer base. With accessible technology and easy-to-use editing software, even amateurs can create awesome video content, despite being on a limited budget.

Future Perspective  

Gen-C is expected to run the market by 2020 and companies should start adjusting their marketing strategies to fulfill the needs of the people in this group. Satisfying their needs determines their decisions to purchase and influences others into doing the same.

They are the first generation to know nothing more than a life that is enabled by social media networking, the internet, and mobility. They are the first to rely solely on digital devices. When you tap into their psyche, you tap into a market that grows stronger every day. They are both consumers and influencers—you have to appeal to both sides of the coin. If you engage them with informative and compelling content, listen to their views, and reach out to them on a personal level, your business will surely have a significant potential for growth.

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