Company Core Values and How to Implement Them

Large corporations and small businesses alike need core values to shape their company culture and identify the things important to their success. It is your job to instill these core values including your company’s mission as it translates into positive management, employee beliefs, and ultimately the company’s behavior as a whole.

Imparting a sense of mission and company values to those who are in position to make important business decisions, along with everyone else in a company, is most important. A “do as I say, not as I do” atmosphere works against building team principles across all departments—which could be corrected by constructing good key morals for your organization.

A Clear and Visible Mission Statement

By continually exposing employees to your company’s core values and mission statement, you are letting them know what your business is all about and how it can function smoothly.

From the interview process to promotional decisions, incorporating core values and mission statement for every role ensures that everyone has one goal to take the company to a higher level.

Your mission statement should be displayed openly in the human resources department, the break room, and in the central offices where the majority of employees perform their duties. Everyone on the administrative team needs to “lead by example” and share the common goals for the benefit of the company’s. The following are ways you can perfectly implement company values in your journey to success:

  • Educate

If you want employees to share your company’s core values, it’s important to include it in all training materials and manuals to remind them of your purpose and how you want them to view their position within your organization.

  • Emulate

Instilling and motivating team members is an initiative on your part—actions speak louder than words. Encourage others to adopt your company values by creating an inspiring representation of your company and get them to emulate you. This will help link all the aspects of your business with a commonly-held belief system.

Former executive manager, Eric Jacobson says, “[Mission statements] become the deeply ingrained principle and fabric that guide employee behavior and company decisions and actions—the behaviors the company and employees expect of themselves.”

  • Empower

It’s one thing to instill and encourage core values, but if you don’t give your people the power to demonstrate them to their highest ability, you are pretty much holding your employees back. If innovation is one of your core values and you don’t take the time to listen to a new idea, what message is that sending?

  • Enforce

If your employees continually work outside the company value system or just don’t seem to grasp any of the concepts within the mission statement, they need to go—no questions asked. If your attempts to educate them on what you expect and their observance still falls flat, they can do no good for your business. They are a walking contradiction and only stand to corrupt everything you’re working hard to build. It’s not easy, but you are running a business and have to keep the standards equal to everyone.

To avoid future hardships, one area of importance is the hiring and onboarding processes. You must check properly if a candidate fits your business model and culture. Your performance management and daily actions should always educate, emulate, empower, and enforce—if they don’t, then you have to step back, take a look, and make some changes.

Creating a Team with a Sense of Purpose

When people feel purposeful, they are happier and happy people perform on higher levels than those who dread going to work in the morning.

Take a look at Whole Foods’ Higher Purpose Statement: “With great courage, integrity and love—we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our planet can flourish. All the while, celebrating the sheer love and joy of food.”

Their core values are:

  • Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available
  • Satisfying and delighting our customers
  • Supporting team member excellence and happiness
  • Creating wealth through profits and growth
  • Caring about our communities and our environment
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers
  • Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

Clearly, Whole Foods values and mission statement aims to attract a particular type of workforce, and expectations are defined, certain, and clear-cut. Employees are given a well-defined purpose and sense of mission for conducting daily business.


It takes much thought and deliberation to decide what you want your company’s core values to be and how you want your mission to affect team behaviors. Your mission and purpose should say everything there is to say about what your company stands for within itself, the industry, and the community.

The best core values dictate a company’s brand, culture, and overall business strategies, which is why every business mission and value system is unique to that individual company.

Whatever your sense of mission is, the people who make decisions on your behalf on a daily basis should whole-heartedly agree and enforce it at every turn. When you build a strong company belief system, you build a culture within the organization that is strong and promotes growth across the board.

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