Hello, my name is D. Scott Lofthouse, a 29 year Law Enforcement veteran turned Internet Marketer and Training expert. I’m just an ordinary middle age white guy who is horizontally gifted (overweight) and follicley challenged (bald) who found that I was not prepared financially for retirement so I needed to find an alternative source of income. I found the answer to my situation and I want to share with you the system that has helped me to change my life and, at the end of this video, I’m going to give you the same opportunity. But let me step back for a minute and tell you some of my background and how I got here today.

I was raised in a Mormon family in Central Eastern Utah. My father was a Dentist for 35 years and made plenty of money so we never really needed for anything. Over the years I watched as my father worked hard and paid cash for everything. Then, in 2002, the medical plaza that housed his dental practice burned to the ground and he lost everything. Tens of 1000’s of medical records and all his equipment was gone.

Needless to say, it was devastating for my father. He took the insurance and invested in a real estate investment firm run by a close family friend. This friend guaranteed a 12% annual return, which seemed too good to be true but worked for many years. Then, in 2012, the SEC filed a complaint against that investment firm for operating a Ponzi scheme and my father lost everything. He and his wife now live on Social Security alone.

Have any of you watched your parents fail to save for retirement or lose everything in the recession or to bad investments? Well, after seeing this happen to my father I began to invest as much as I could afford into my 401k and 457 Deferred Comp retirement funds. After more than 20 years of investing I ended up with just under half a million dollars. I thought I was set. But, when I began to crunch the numbers, I realized this money probably wouldn’t even last 10-15 years for my wife and I.

Well, in January, 2015, while I was at home on medical leave, I began to surf the Internet looking for any alternative to a 40-hour-a-week rat race job. I was ready to fire my boss and take charge of my own destiny as well as supplement my retirement! That was when I found MOBE (My Online Business Education), a brilliantly constructed, done-for-you, internet marketing business founded by Matt Lloyd. What I discovered was an Internet marketing business that was going to make it possible for my wife and I to live comfortably for many years to come.

As I studied MOBE I began to realize they were employing the affiliate marketing strategy very effectively by leveraging high ticket sales. This produced a team of affiliates that were selling products and services ranging from $7 to $30,000 with commissions of 50% to 90%.

Now, would you rather sell 1000 X $10 items or a single $10,000 item each month? By selling the high ticket items it drops the amount of traffic, or leads, which are needed every month to a reasonable level which makes it much more affordable than other marketing methods.

I was impressed by the structure of this business. The entire infrastructure that would be needed for a startup business was already in place from the email follow-up, to the web pages, to the phone sales team and the coaches. Nothing was needed but driving traffic. This was very important to me because I had no experience and didn’t know the first thing about internet marketing. MOBE is a fantastic business model for first time internet marketers and also experienced marketers.

Using Matt’s system, new and experienced internet marketers have been paid tens of millions of dollars in affiliate commissions, and the reason the commission payout has been so high is because he created a turn-key, done-for-you, automated system that anyone can implement.

Websites are created for you, products are created for you, auto-responders are setup for you, shopping cart integration is done for you, and, if that wasn’t enough for you, a professional phone sales team takes care of all the high ticket sales on the phone for you so that you don’t ever have to pick up the phone. I actually outline this entire process in our eBook, “My Online Sales Machine” which was co-authored by Matt and I.

What this means to you is that you too can do the same thing I did. You can implement Matt’s simple step-by-step automated process so that you can free yourself of debt, and perhaps your job as well, and prepare for retirement while traveling the world to exotic locations as your business works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

So, if you’re looking to end your troubles at making money online or starting an online marketing business, and you want to learn from someone who’s been in your shoes and has experienced failure and success, reach out to me. Call me at 907-350-5601 or email me at scott@LoftyEnterprises.com and let’s design your lifestyle and business together.

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