The 7 Texts That Will Revolutionize Your Mobile Marketing in 2016

Guest Blogger: Sophorn Chhay

While email has an open rate of just 20 percent, SMS (aka text messages) are opened an impressive 98 percent of the time. These days, if you want to get ahead in business you need to deliver market your brand in smarter ways, and that means text. These are the 7 must-send SMS messages that will help you conquer mobile marketing in 2016.

1. Hello and Welcome

If someone comes over to your house, you greet them at the door, right? The same hospitality is shown to a customer kind enough to check out your brick-and-mortar business, but for some reasons we don’t always say hello to new subscribers. Instead of bombarding them with deals, promotional material, or other branded content right away, just say hi – it’s kind, it’s unobtrusive, and it shows you care that they’re listening.

2. Did You Know…?

Coupons and promo texts are great (more on that in a minute) but you don’t want your text thread to read like a runaway commercial. Thrown in a fun fact every once in awhile or a link to an informative blog (either original or curated) and give the soft sell a break.

3. Before You Forget

SMS marketing services are valuable for several reasons, one of which is the inclusion of text automation, which uses customer-activated triggers to send out messages without you having to do a single thing (beyond set up the initial parameters, of course). Mobile marketing automation is useful for many things, not the least of which is reminding consumers about important events or tasks such as:

  • Their membership renewal period
  • An anniversary
  • A birthday
  • An online course that needs to be completed
  • A browser-based application that is still in progress
  • An upcoming appointment
  • A subscription expiration

4. How Are We Doing?

If you want to know what consumers think of you, ask. You can send surveys, ask questions, generate polls, and more. Learning how to use mobile marketing to connect and convert consumers is a huge part of achieving modern day success and being open to feedback is a stellar way to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Taking your audience’s temperature is a period physical for your business, and it never, ever hurts.

5. Is This Mic On?

Sending texts that ask for a response aren’t just a good way to gather data, they’re also a good way to see who’s still listening. You can blatantly ask subscribers “Would you still like to receive our texts?” or go the subtle route by sending a poll and seeing who responds – either way, if there are a few numbers that never send back so much as a frowny face emoticon, you may have good reason to delete them from your contact list.

6. Have We Got a Deal For You!

Extreme couponing is entertaining, but few things give consumers a tingle up their spine quicker than a deal they can actually use. SMS coupons handily beat out their printed counterparts at a rate of 10 to 1. They’re not only more efficient, they’re also more immediate, allowing you to handout last-minute deals to fill seats or offload product.

7. Thank You!

Above all, you need to thank you customer. Thank them for subscribing, for answering your silly polls, for making purchases and just being a part of your business. You owe your livelihood to the gracious people putting their time and money into your products, services, and yes, your texts, so take a moment to use one of those texts to show your gratitude.

You may have noticed how many of the texts above involve a question. Great mobile marketing is all about give and take; nurture a valuable SMS-based conversation with consumers and you’ll see some pretty memorable results.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing? I would love to read your comments below.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass SMS messaging, smart targeting and automation.

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