6 Ways to Drive Offline Traffic to Your Online Home

You’ve tried all the online methods of generating traffic–PPC ads, banners, pop-ups, social media campaigns–but you’re failing to add a significant number of new visitors. A good reason for this may be that you need to modify and improve your online traffic-generating methods. But one thing you can do to supplement traffic is to go offline.

Driving prospective offline customers to your site is a great avenue to explore when trying to bolster your online traffic. After all, as the owner of a small business (albeit with big ambition), you’ll be surprised how effective a little offline, local, advertising can be.

Consider these useful tips when trying to drive offline traffic to your site:

1. Host an Event

It doesn’t have to be Live Aid. Host a small-scale event in the hopes of selling enough tickets to gain a few potential customers. But remember, although this may be a great ‘ticket-selling’ opportunity, your main focus is to net a customer. The following are some examples of events you may want to consider:


If you run a small outlet, hold a contest and promote! Be creative with your format and prizes. If you’re launching a new product, try to get participants to “name the product,” or create a quiz relevant to your service. Be sure to tie everything back to your service (and website).

Chat sessions

Hold a free hour–long session with old customers from your email list, encouraging them to bring a friend or two (prospective new customers), or members of the public who are interested in your services. Perhaps even give a token gift to lure them in.


Organize a local seminar using your expertise to talk about your industry. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of local business people would be interested in investing time in order to learn something new.

2. Press Release

Unless your company prides itself on the profound service of telepathy, you can’t organize an event and expect people to magically turn up. You need to get the word “out” in order to get people “in”. Send out a professionally crafted press release (you can hire writers for this) to local newspapers, producers and industry-relevant figures. For instance, if you’re an exotic fruit vendor, it would be unnecessary to send a press release to the local chocolate manufacturer. It’s just not fruitful. Ensure your press release is free from adjectives such as “excellent”, “super”, “best”. Keep it informative, not subjective. Include the ‘what’ (the event), ‘when’ (date/time), ‘why’ (purpose), and‘how’ (brief content of event). That’s all the editors will want to read, and of course publish.

And in case you’re writing your own press release, remember to keep it to one-page, no longer than 300-400 words and include all important contact details. If it’s ready to be published immediately, header the press release with: “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.” You can go online to find a wide selection of templates.

3. Include your URL on Every Ad

In order to generate traffic to your site, be sure to clearly write your company’s website address on all business cards, fliers, print ads and even state it on voice-messages!

4. Write Articles

Approach your local paper or trade magazine and ask whether there is an opportunity for you to write articles. This enables you to share your expertise with a huge readership and potential customers. There will be enough scope when writing feature content to draw local readers back to your business.

5. Publish a Newsletter

Offer a free monthly or bi-monthly newsletter on topics concerning your service or products similar to yours so that you can draw comparisons. Creating a local buzz around your service will eventually increase your traffic.

6. Conduct a Survey

Surveys are a great way to spread the word about your business and appear credible. Customers feel assured in the knowledge that their new investment is ‘tried and tested’. Whatever your specialty is, you can ask your customers and associates a series of questions, and then publish the results. Conduct your survey both on and offline, but post the results on your site to inform the media of your findings.

Just remember, wherever there is an opportunity for you to promote your business offline, be sure to clearly include your company’s web address. And the next time you cozy up in bed with Google Analytics, you’ll find that the number of visitors will have increased by your offline strategy.

And remember, “Reach for Your Peak.”

~D. Scott Lofthouse

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