5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site without Spending a Penny

Content Is King

With your strategy decided, it’s time to develop the nuts-and-bolts of getting people to read your blog—and then recommending others to do the same.

It might sound simple, but is it really? And how do you go about doing that?

Getting your blog to rake in “likes” and followers does not happen overnight. It requires a consistent stream of useful content and a little bit of socialization tactics on social networking sites to boost traffic.

Of course, everything is easier when you have Donald Trump’s bank account. You can easily pay for social media advertisements, paid searches, and affiliate campaigns to give your site the much-needed boost. However, if your financial backbone is as brittle as a 90-year old’s with scoliosis, marching your way to the center stage could be a lot more challenging.

If you don’t have money but have a lot of time on your hands, you can sink your teeth into what you know, which is blogging. Write every chance you get but make sure you don’t write short content that has no meat in it.

If you can produce content at least once every day with a minimum of 300 words, fantastic! HubSpot, in its State of Inbound Report, revealed that brands that create 15 blog posts per month generate an average of 1,200 new leads per month. Whether you have an eCommerce site or a personal blog, having that much traffic is huge, so start writing!

The question is, what should you write about? If you haven’t got a clue, follow these tips so that you, too, can be an online Jedi in no time.

1. Create Epic Titles

To grab people’s attention, you need to have blog topics that bite. These titles will serve as your main bait to get people to click and read your post. Use wacky ones, add a little drama, or use catchy phrases. They need to sparkle to result in full reads, conversions, and social media shares.

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers, if you see a blog entitled “Sure-Fire Ways to Become a Millionaire in Six Months,” wouldn’t you click on it? You get the picture.

2. Write content that people can’t afford not to share.

Create compelling, engaging, informative, and relevant content. Make sure your blog provides significant value to your readers. If they find value from your site, they will most likely return and become advocates as long as you continue to provide fresh content. Don’t disappoint them by luring them in with a great title and providing them with shallow, unfounded information or biased rants.

3. Cover the Following Topics

Consider dabbling on the following topics. They are perennially popular because they provide people with substantial information. People want to learn. They want to be entertained and feel something from what they read. The best thing to do is to have a mash-up of these types of content and you’ll never go wrong.

  • Lists or Educational Posts: Tips, guides, and how-tos should be the core focus of your content marketing efforts. You also need to empathize with your audience persona. What posts do you think are relevant to them?

Help them solve problems. Help them lose weight. Suggest tips on how they can improve their marriage. Touch base on hot topics circulating in your niche, but be sure to offer something new, unique, and meaty so that your audience will want to know more from you.

  • Interviews and Q&As: Interview an expert. If you sell kitchen cabinets, you should interview HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse. Not only is he drool worthy, but he also makes doing things yourself amazingly exciting. And since environmental sustainability is an important concern these days, zero in on eco-friendly solutions.

Get an understanding of your interviewee’s opinions on the trajectory of your industry. Study his or her points, evaluate, and start forming your own opinions.

  • Reviews and Case Studies: If you have a blog, one of the best ways to provide useful content to anyone is to review new products and services available on the market. Cite case studies featuring win-win situations with a client or examples of other people or businesses that are doing things right, etc.

A lot of people have problems with their weight, so a review of diet pills or fitness products are guaranteed to generate clicks. Dr. Oz doesn’t have 8,709 sites linking in for nothing.

  • Sensational Reports: Help your audience make decisions by expressing your opinion about hot and trending topics, sensational issues, or current events. Pique your readers’ interest by writing a story so big that everyone will want to write about it.

Provide facts, comparative analyses, pros, and cons to help your audience make informed decisions. But since everyone will be writing about it, make sure that you offer something extra to firmly establish yourself as a reliable source of that information.

TechCrunch has a remarkable reputation to be on top of the “juicy” news ahead of everyone. They have sources on the prowl like hound dogs. This is not to suggest that you should stalk your subjects, but if you must do it in the name of journalism, be my guest!

  • Content That Humanize Your Company/Brand: Talk about how your company participates in a charity event or inform your audience about your stance on environmental issues. With these types of posts, your target market will understand the human side of your brand—that behind the formal, corporate exterior is a brand that is concerned with global issues.

Starbucks showed that they are one with the world in commemorating lives lost during the Paris attacks in their Facebook post.

4. Optimize Content with Keywords and Tags

Incorporate keywords and other SEO elements into your blog because that’s the golden nugget that could shoot your content to the stars. On-page optimization attributes are important and these include title tags, meta tags, heading tags, and image tags.

Be up to date on search engine dynamics and algorithm changes, but always write for your target audience. Furthermore, make sure your content is keyword-rich (not keyword-stuffed), and written in such a way that reads naturally.

5. Guest Blog

Despite what some might say, guest blogging lives. Don’t close the coffin lid just yet since there’s still a big opportunity for you if you tap into this niche.

Guest posting on reputable sites can still boost your online credibility. Just be wary and avoid using spammy tactics in your guest blogs to avoid stiff penalties. Since this still works, you might want to invite other bloggers to guest blog on your site as well. Just make sure that you only approve high-quality, authentic content without spammy links to avoid Google’s wrath. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution.

So there you have it, five ways to help you generate the traffic you’ve been dreaming of, without spending anything. As you’re doing it, by all means, let your killer swag shine through your writing. Personality grabs your audience’s attention by the neck, which will make your blog stand out from a sea of gibberish online content.

With a lot of hard work, right tools, and sound know-how, you’ll soon drive traffic to your website and gain a steady number of visitor and even customers, too.

And remember, “Reach for Your Peak.”

~D. Scott Lofthouse

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