5 Steps to Becoming an Authority

Guest Blogger: Ray Higdon

How would you feel if you woke up every morning to people reaching out to you, and they actually looked up to and respected you? What would that be worth?

Well, it is possible, IF you become an authority in your marketplace.

There are a lot of common myths about becoming an authority, but today I will share with you the 5 steps to becoming one, virtually overnight, even if no one knows who you are now. (You may want to bookmark this page or take notes.)

Step 1: Have a vision for who you want to become.

Pain pushes youAt first glance, you may think this is some New Age fluffy advice, but the reality is if you do not have a vision, you will never make it past the tough days. And the road to success in ANY niche will absolutely contain tough days. Here’s a clue to help you understand if you have a vision or not … Are you consistent?

You see, if you are NOT consistent, it means that you have no underlying driving force that is PULLING you to do the work you know you should be doing. You MUST develop this vision if you are to have the stick-with-it-ness to make it to success.

“Pain Pushes you until a vision pulls you”–Dr. Michael Beckwith

Step 2: Immerse yourself.

In the last 24 months, my wife and I have invested over $200,000 in JUST coaching. Yes we bought courses and attended events as well, but that $200K was JUST in coaching. Why would we do that? Because we understand the cycle, more on that later …

Step 3: Create content.

Yes, all authorities create content in some way, shape or form. I love what Jason Fried says in his book, “Rework,” stop trying to outspend or outsell your competition and instead OUTTEACH them.

We have built a multi-million dollar a year business via free blog posts and podcasts. We probably produce more free content than anyone else in our profession of home-based business. However, there are LOTS of suggested ways to create this type of content that we actually cover in our course called “The 3 Minute Expert.”

Step 4: Build and serve your audience.growth-hacker

According to Ryan Holiday, author of “Growth Hackers,” Making money is only one thing … generating leads. Every single day you must be building your list and serving that list. Remember that cycle I mentioned earlier? Here is where it comes into play …

We invest in ourselves so we learn more, so that we can teach more. When we teach more it attracts new clients, prospects, and customers, which brings in more revenue which we then re-invest in our education.

Step 5: Monetize.

There is ZERO point in having a community of happy non-buyers. You have to embrace the fact that you can charge high prices, yet still have a happy tribe. We sell products from $7 all the way to our $54,000 masterminds, and the happiest people in our community are actually the ones who buy the most! You can do that, too. For more on that, you may consider checking out my course that teaches you exactly, step by step, how to become a credible authority in your niche.

Ray Higdon

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