10 ways to spend less on entertainment

Chapter 36: 10 ways to spend less on entertainment

One of the best things about retirement? You have more time to travel, go to the movies, theater, and sporting events, and do other things you love. Plus, you qualify for entertainment discounts that can save you a lot.

Here are ten ways to save money on entertainment.

  1. America the Beautiful pass

For just $10 per year, once you’re age 62 or older, you can purchase a pass that will get you — along with three other people driving in your vehicle with you — into more than 2,000 national parks and federal recreation areas for free. This is a generous discount program that’s perfect for people who love exploring nature.

  1. Money off on train and bus travel

If you like traveling by train, Amtrak offers discounts of ten to fifteen percent for most trips to people age 62 and up. There are some limits associated with this program (you can find the details online), but it’s a great way to see the United States and Canada by train for less. If you prefer to travel by bus, most larger bus companies including Greyhound and Peter Pan offer savings to seniors. Take advantage of them when you want to visit the kids and grandkids.

  1. Sporting events

Most major and minor league sports teams offer reduced price tickets to retirees. Some take money off on concessions and souvenirs, as well. Use these discounts to cheer on your favorite team and to share your passion for sports with others. Also, look out for game days dedicated to seniors and retirees. You’ll save even more and have an opportunity to network with other people your age who love sports.

  1. Foodie discounts

If you enjoy dining out, most restaurants take between ten and twenty percent off menu items for retirees. Use these discounts to try new dining experiences or to enjoy favorite places. If you don’t see a discount posted on a restaurant website or menu, don’t be afraid to ask. More good news: Some national restaurant chains offer retiree discounts starting at age 55.

  1. Movie tickets

Some movie theaters offer a percentage off tickets to all shows to retirees. Others reserve these discounts to certain times or days of the week. Still others sell senior bulk discount passes. No matter which option, if you’re a film buff, this is a great way to go to the movies for less. Also, don’t forget to ask whether your local cinema offers money off at the concession stand. Popcorn, sodas and snacks at movie theaters are expensive, so getting a percentage off these items can really add up to significant savings over time.

  1. Amusement and theme parks

Treating your grandchildren to a trip to an amusement or theme park can take a big bite out of your budget. But taking advantage of discounts for retirees and children can help reduce the cost. When you pay your admission, find out whether the park offers additional discounts on food and merchandise. (You know your grandchildren will want to come home with something to remember a special day!)

  1. Hotels

Similar to most travel-related things, many major hotel chains offer money off to retired people. They usually take ten to twenty percent off standard room rates. Take advantage of them to reduce the cost of visiting family and friends so you can visit them more often.

  1. Theaters, museums and cultural venues

Do you enjoy culture? Most theaters, concert halls, museums and other institutions offer money off on tickets and admissions to retired people. Some museums offer free admissions on certain days or evenings. It’s worth going online to find out when you can visit your favorite museum for free. In addition, look out for free concerts and shows at local parks and community centers. Most groups make it part of their mission to perform for members of their community for free to expose more people to the arts.

  1. Rental cars

Most major rental car companies offer between five and thirty percent off to retired people. If you enjoy exploring new places by car, this can be a great way to do it for less.

  1. AARP

Before you enjoy any entertainment experience, including traveling, dining out or going to a show or sporting event, check out the AARP website to see if they offer a discount. You’d be surprised how much using your AARP card can save you!

Bonus tip

Looking for more money to spend on entertainment and doing the things you enjoy? Why not work part time in retirement? Many cultural organizations love having retirees work at the front desk greeting visitors, as tour guides or ushers and doing back office tasks.

Another option is to work online or start an online business of your very own. It can be a great way to work when you want, allowing you earn money to travel, dine out, go to the movies and do other fund things — while still allowing plenty of time to enjoy them.

What are you waiting for? Learn how you can get started today!


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